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When can the Epoxy Resin Adhesive Function after Solidification

Before the epoxy resin adhesive solidifies, the color of the A/B agent is different. Generally speaking, A agents are mostly some light yellow substances while B agents are black or brown substances. After solidified, the A/B agent will be fully mixed and then to form the brown or black substances.

In the environment about 80°C, epoxy resin adhesive will take two to three hours to complete curing; in the environment about 100°C, epoxy resin adhesive will take one to two hours to complete curing; in the environment of 150d°C, the curing can be completed within an hour. In short, the higher the temperature, the shorter time the curing will take of epoxy resin adhesive.

How is the strength of epoxy resin adhesive after curing?

No matter at a high temperature or a normal temperature, the curing of epoxy resin adhesive will form a glue skim. After the curing totally completed, the adhesion and strength of epoxy resin adhesive are getting better and better with certain toughness at the same time. It means they will own a protective skim to resist water, acid /alkali and high temperature which are suitable for long-term using. Concerning of the curing properties of epoxy resin adhesive, it can be used in many high-end fields. Not only to resist strike and pressure, but also can resist ageing so as to prolong its service time.

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