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What should be Paid Attention to when Using Clear Epoxy Adhesive to Metal

Characteristics of clear epoxy adhesive

1. Clear epoxy adhesive has good sealing and chemical properties after it cured which can adapt to acid and alkali, high humidity, solvent, salt spray and other harsh environment; with the strong ability for anti-ultraviolet, the metal parts bonded of clear epoxy adhesive won't be easily fell off even in the outdoor by the corrosion of sunshine and rainfalls ;

2. A variety of shaping time: for those being fast, 3-5 minutes can be finalized while those being slower may need one or two hours to start curing which can adapt to more metal bonding process.

3. The ability of temperature resistance is also good. the normal clear epoxy adhesive can stand a high temperature about 100°C; some Clear epoxy adhesive can stand the high temperature up to 300°C which can adapt to more metal using environments.

Some tips for using clear epoxy adhesive with metals

1. The smoothness of the metal surface will have a great impact on the adhesive strength of clear epoxy adhesive. If permitted, the smooth metal surface can be brushed and washed with industrial alcohol solvent and then glued which can greatly improve the viscosity.

2. The rust, dust, rust-proof oil, release agent and other impurities on the metal surface should also be polished to clean because these will also have a great impact on the strength of metal clear epoxy adhesive.

3. Clear epoxy adhesive has two kinds of packaging: one uses tubular packaging, which is not recommended for those small amount adhesive just being produced because it will mix unevenly at the beginning; the other one adopts manual mixing. The proportion of adhesive should be carefully ensured, because the mixing adhesive more than the normal will affect the strength and curing time of clear epoxy adhesive metal.

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