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The Characteristics and Usage of Epoxy Resin Adhesive

Epoxy resin adhesive is to reprocess or modify its characteristics on the basis of epoxy resin to make its performance parameters meet specific requirements, generally, epoxy resin adhesive also needs a curing agent before it can be used, and it needs to be evenly mixed before it can be completely cured. Generally, epoxy resin adhesive is called A glue or main agent, and curing agent is called B glue or curing agent (hardener).

1. The characteristics of epoxy resin adhesive

1) Basic characteristics: two-component glue, which needs to be mixed with AB glue, it has strong versatility and can fill larger gaps

2) Operating environment: it can be cured at room temperature, both indoors and outdoors, which can be mixed manually or use special equipment for AB glue (such as AB glue gun)


3) The applicable temperature is generally between -50℃ and +150


4) It is suitable for general environment, waterproof, oil resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance

5) It needs to be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and the shelf life is 12 months


2. The usage of epoxy resin adhesive

1) Using dry cotton cloth or sandpaper to remove dust, oil stains, rust, etc. on the bonding surface, and then wipe with a cleaning agent such as acetone or trichloroethylene to clean the bonding surface.


2) Twisting off the front cover and stirring it evenly according to the weight ratio of agent A + agent B as described above (A:B=2:1). In order to ensure the effect of use, it can also be used after vacuuming .

3) It should noted that it must be used up within the operating time, otherwise it will solidify and cause waste of materials, while the highest strength can be obtained after 24 hours.

4) After gluing

Curing for 2~6 hours at room temperature , and 40°~50°C for 1~3 hours. Using it after applying glue for 24 hours, and after ten days, the adhesion will be better. In cold and humid days, bonding at room temperature of 15-25 degrees is better.

5) Bonding straight face

Epoxy resin adhesive is mainly suitable for bonding high temperature resistant metals and ceramics. Its working temperature is -50~+180℃, and it can reach +250℃ in a short time.


The use of epoxy resin adhesive requires more attention, which has a wide range of use, and the operation is relatively detailed. The effect is more obvious if the operation is done.

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