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The Acid Anhydride Curing Agent is Widely Used

Among the curing agent products, acid anhydride curing agent occupies an important position, and it is one of the more widely used varieties of curing agent with large market usage. Epoxy resin adhesive and acid anhydride curing agents can be heated and then processed through various processes to form thermosetting adducts in different forms. The characteristics of the acid anhydride curing agents are small shrinkage, no by-products, good heat resistance, good sealing, good insulation, and large selectivity of various additives, which can be used in the fields of electronic potting, electrical casting, encapsulation, pultrusion, winding, laminated insulating materials and composite materials as well as powder coatings, etc.


1. Electronic potting

The electronic potting products from small electronic components to precision instruments, military communication products, and various electronic casting products, large transformers, from motor coils to current transformers in high-voltage electrical appliances, cable junction boxes and cable terminals, which indicates the acid anhydride curing agent has been widely used.


2. Pultrusion products

During pultrusion, the continuous glass fiber bundles, tapes or cloths impregnated with resin glue are used to continuously produce FRP profiles of unlimited length under the action of traction. This process is suitable for the production of FRP profiles with various cross-sectional shapes, such as rods, tubes, I-shaped, trough, square profiles and open-web profiles. In the production of pultrusion products, the acid anhydride curing agent generally adopts acid anhydride curing agent.


3. Molded plastic products

The molding compound is mainly used to encapsulate small electronic components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors and resistors. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high production efficiency, and it can be used with more fillers.

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