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Status and Progress of Epoxy Resin Coatings in Marine Anti-corrosion Field

Epoxy coating is a kind of anticorrosive coating widely used at present which plays an important role in marine anticorrosive coatings. For a long time, epoxy coatings have become the favorite of marine anticorrosive coatings because of its features of corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high strength, high hardness and wear resistance.

Epoxy coating is a kind of polymer with two or more epoxy groups in the molecule. After using with curing agent, it can form a coating with the matures of high hardness, high adhesion, high chemical stability and high corrosion resistance. At present, there are many types of epoxy coatings. The classification can be divided into BPA(bisphenol A) epoxy coating and phenolic aldehyde epoxy coating just by the basic material using of resin. After modification, the types of epoxy coatings become more diversified. The modification methods of epoxy coating include polymer modification, silicone modification and nano material modification then the coatings can attain more superior characteristics by doing so.

Epoxy resin has been developing continuously since its successful discovered and synthesis in 1930. The researchers studied a lot from epoxy coating itself to the structure and the modification of it. For a long time, epoxy coating is an important point in the field of anticorrosive coatings. Nowadays, under the environment of developing marine industry, the researches of anticorrosive coatings must be as the supports of the epoxy coating and epoxy coatings still have a good market prospect and application value in the modern society.

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