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Cured Epoxy Melting Point

Epoxy resin is not pure, such as bisphenol A epoxy resin is composed of homologous compounds with different degree of polymerization, so it has no clear melting point, only a melting temperature range, called softening point, to characterize its melting temperature. The softening point is a temperature range. For example, the softening point can range from 58 degrees to 93 degrees due to different composition and content. Epoxy phenolic semi-solid with high viscosity, average functionality 2.5-6.0, softening point less than 28 degrees; Triphenol-based methane triglycidyl ether epoxy resin is a red solid with softening point 72-78 ℃. Some crystalline epoxy resins, with high purity, can also be called melting point, such as 140 ℃.
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