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The Globalization Strategy of Nanyang Wanshixing Chemical

Under the leadership of Chairman Li Youfu and the efforts of all employees, Zhejiang Nanyang Group has gradually grown and improved. The company is involved in the printing and dyeing, chemical, luggage manufacturing, agriculture and other industrial fields, and slowly builds a diversified industrial science connection. An efficient industrial system.

Based on the local market, as one of professional epoxy resin and hardener manufacturers the company actively explores the surrounding markets and is currently operating in a stable state. Under the strong leadership of the company's leadership, the company's employees have faced difficulties and made progress, achieving one development goal after another. The company steadily advances in business, gradually develops the target market, and its operating performance has been rising steadily; the company management has gradually moved towards standardization, forming a stable organizational structure, and providing a soft guarantee for the company's development and growth.

The current development of international trade presents six major trends, and the international market is maturing.

(1) International trade has entered a new round of growth, and the role of trade in economic growth has become more prominent.
(2) The trade pattern centered on developed countries remains unchanged, and China has become a new rising power for international trade growth.
(3) The multilateral trading system is facing new challenges and the momentum of regional economic cooperation on a global scale is rising.
(4) The international trade structure has become more advanced, and the development of service trade and technology trade is on the rise.
(5) The trend of integration of trade and investment is obvious, and the leading role of multinational corporations in global trade is increasing.
(6) The struggle for trade liberalization and protectionism has intensified, and various trade barriers have emerged.

Wanshixing Successfully Passed the Acceptance Inspection of Occupational Disease Prevention Facilities

In this context, after discussion and research by the chairman and the company's senior management, it was decided to set up the trade department, taking trade globalization as an important trend, and then cooperating with the country's call to expand domestic demand, and strive to make the company's business more extensive and comprehensive. Group management is more standard and more international. The advantages are as follows: first, to give play to advantages, to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses; second, to save resources development costs or to make up for the lack of resources; and third, to achieve economies of scale.

Wanshixing Successfully Passed the Acceptance Inspection of Occupational Disease Prevention Facilities

The times are advancing with the times. In order to adapt to the global informationization, the company decided to expand the company's sales model by integrating the original marketing model with the network marketing that conforms to the times:

Wanshixing Successfully Passed the Acceptance Inspection of Occupational Disease Prevention Facilities

1. Change traditional marketing methods
Traditional marketing relies on a rigorous channel to support the market with a large amount of manpower and publicity investment, which is time-consuming and costly. In the Internet age, due to the widespread use of the Internet, merchants can use this worldwide network to expand the scope of business activities to the world. E-commerce enables buyers and sellers to form a simple and easy interface on the network, so that both the supply and demand sides are thousands of miles away, and the transactions are completed quickly through face-to-face through the network, so that various online transactions are paid, liquidated and finalized by electronic bills. A series of changes will occur in the procurement of raw materials, the organization and coordination of production, and the advertising and sales of products.

2. Change the competitive form of enterprises
Through the development of e-commerce, the openness of information on the Internet makes market competition more fair, and the industrial boundaries will become more blurred. Large enterprises not only face competition from peer SMEs, but peer companies also face competition from other industry enterprises. How to adapt to the trend and adopt corresponding strategies to re-create competitive advantages is a major challenge for business operations. E-commerce provides enterprises with huge market potential and new sales methods. The production of enterprises is first for the production of information networks, and then the interaction between goods and customers is completed by the network. Under the impact of the network, if the company does not have a sense of innovation and does not update its products and services in time, it will be difficult to survive in the Internet age.

3. Change the marketing environment
E-commerce makes customers' purchase behavior increasingly personalized, producers are more agile in responding to market opportunities, and the possibility of direct transactions between producers and customers is increasing, and the role of intermediaries will be weakened. At the same time, the customer's dominant position in the transaction will be more prominent, and the producer's marketing strategy will emphasize how to more convenient and timely to meet the customer's specific purchase desire.

4. Change the marketing model of the company
The mode of e-marketing is the dialogue between customers and enterprises. After clearly understanding the individual needs of each customer, the company makes the corresponding strategy of maximizing corporate profits. In this way, the relationship between the enterprise and the customer is a one-to-one marketing relationship, which is inseparable and inseparable. The instant interaction of the network and the transcendence of time and space become the powerful technical support of this model.
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