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Application Field of Acid Anhydride Curing Agent

1. Electronic encapsulation

In the field of electronic encapsulation products from small electronic components, precision instruments, military communications products to various electronic casting products of large transformers, and from motor coils to current transformers in high voltage electrical appliances, cable junction boxes and cable terminals, and so on, acid anhydride curing agent has been widely used.

2. Pultrusion products

Continuous fiberglass bundles, belts or cloth impregnated with resin glue are continuously produced into fiberglass reinforced plastics of unlimited length under traction during pultrusion. This process is suitable for the production of FRP profiles with various cross-section shapes, such as rods, pipes, I-shaped, grooved type, square profiles and hollow profiles.

In the production of pultruded products, the anhydride curing agents for epoxy resins system is generally using acid anhydride curing agent. Although the pultrusion process of unsaturated resin is also used, its comprehensive properties, especially in the aspect of mechanical properties, insulation properties and shrinkage rate, are inferior to epoxy resin pultrusion products.

3. Laminated products

Epoxy laminated products are the liquids which are prepared by epoxy resin and curing agent impregnated with fiber reinforced material. Dry at a certain temperature to obtain semi-cured sheets. The semi-cured sheets are cut and laminated, then cured into sheets by hot pressing, and cured into pipes and tubes by winding and heating. In the epoxy resin system for laminating products, anhydride curing agent is mainly used, and dicyandiamide and aromatic amines are used in amine curing agents, and synthetic resin is also used as curing agent. Epoxy copper clad laminate is the basic material of electronic industry. It is used to manufacture printed circuit boards. It is widely used in electronic computers, communication equipment, instrumentation equipment, household appliances and so on.

4. Winding products

Winding products are using continuous fibers (cloth, prepreg) soaked in resin to wrap on the core mould according to certain rules, and then cured and demoulded to obtain a certain shape products. The most representative of winding products is the epoxy curing system with long service life, low viscosity, low calorific value and low toxicity. Therefore, liquid anhydride is generally chosen as the main curing liquid.

5. Molded plastics

Mold plastic is mainly used to pack small electronic components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, etc. It has the advantages of easy operation, high production efficiency, and it can use more fillers. It uses both anhydride curing liquid and amine curing liquid.

6. Vacuum pressure dipping products

In the production of vacuum pressure dipping products, glass cloth is wound on the core shaft of the tube and loaded into the die, and then the epoxy adhesive is sucked into the cavity of the die under vacuum, and then it is cured by gel at a certain pressure and temperature. In the end, we can get the tubing.

The production process mainly uses anhydride curing agent in liquid state.

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