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Application of Epoxy Resin Adhesive in UAV Industry

Called "unmanned aerial vehicle", UAV is operated by radio remote control equipment and independent program control equipment. Or it can be operated completely or intermittently on an on-board computer.

Drones are generally more suitable for "dirty or dangerous" tasks than manned aircraft. According to the application field, UAV can be divided into military and civil. In the military, UAVs are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft. Civil UAV + industrial application is the real demand of UAV. At present, the UAV is engaged in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro selfie, express delivery, disaster relief, wildlife observation, infectious disease monitoring, mapping, news reporting, power patrol in inspection, disaster relief, film and other fields of application and television shooting. Romance has greatly expanded the use and development of UAV itself. Developed countries are also actively expanding the application of UAV Technology.

Drones make romance

Small drones are very useful. It needs glue in many places. Here, Henkel introduces the adhesive points of UAV and the corresponding bonding scheme.

External adhesive

Henkel recommends using Loctite 3335UV adhesive for fixation. The focus of the lens module is fixed with ordinary UV glue. After a certain period of aging of double 85, the focus of the product will shift after vibration, resulting in blurred image. (reason: UV glue belongs to the type of glue with strong moisture absorption. When it is in the high temperature and humidity environment of double 85, the glue will shrink and expand by heat absorption). Therefore, it is recommended to use UV epoxy glue 3335 of Celeste. Letai 3335uv adhesive has the technical characteristics of high hardness, strong environmental resistance and low expansion coefficient. Loctite 3335UV adhesive can mainly play the role of bonding, coating and positioning on metal, plastic or glass substrate. And the shrinkage rate is low when curing, after curing, it has excellent heat resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. 

Glue for UAV platform

The UAV dome is the supporting equipment for UAV to install and fix the camera and other task loads. If you want to take good photos, you must ensure the stability of the platform. The material of the glue point of the platform is generally nylon and stainless steel, because it needs to bear a large tensile force. Henkel recommends loctite 326 structural adhesive. Loctite 326 structural adhesive is a kind of high-strength multi-purpose adhesive, which can provide the strength of epoxy resin and the curing speed of instant dry adhesive, and has good solvent resistance. It can cure in a few minutes and is suitable for conditions requiring rapid fixation.

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