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Application Of Anhydride Cured Epoxy Curing Agent-2

Laminated products

The epoxy laminated product is a kind of glue which is made up of fiber fabric reinforced material impregnated with epoxy resin / curing agent. The prepreg is obtained by drying at a certain temperature, and then cut, laminated, and cured by hot pressing to form a sheet, and then heated and wound to form a pipe and a tube.

In the epoxy resin system, the main curing agent for laminating products is anhydrides curing agent. Dicyandiamide and aromatic amine are used as amine curing agents, and synthetic resin is also used as curing agent.

Epoxy copper-clad laminate is the basic material of electronic industry, which is used to manufacture printed circuit board and is widely used in electronic computer, communication equipment, instrument equipment, household appliances, etc.

Winding products

Winding products are made by winding resin impregnated continuous fibers (cloth, pre impregnated yarn) onto the core mould according to certain rules, and then solidify and demould to obtain certain shape products.

The most representative of winding product is its epoxy curing system with long service life, low viscosity, less heat generation and slight toxicity, so liquid anhydrides are generally selected as the main component.

Molding compound products

The molding compound is mainly used for encapsulating small electronic components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, etc. It has the advantages of convenient operation, high production efficiency, and can use more fillers. The curing agent used in molding compound includes both an anhydride curing agent and an amine curing agent.

Vacuum pressure dipping products

In the production process of vacuum pressure dipping products, the glass cloth is first wound on the core of the tube, loaded into the mold, and then the epoxy adhesive is sucked into the mold cavity under vacuum. Finally the gel is cured at a certain pressure and temperature to obtain the tube.

The production process mainly uses liquid acid anhydrides curing agent.

Epoxy coating

Epoxy resin is mainly used in coating process for its excellent adhesiveness and chemical resistance. It is widely used in anti-corrosion, electrical insulation, transportation, civil construction and other fields.

The main curing agents used in epoxy resin coating are dip coating, mica tape adhesive insulating coating, powder coating, etc. Among the acid anhydride curing agents, liquid acid anhydrides are the most widely used in the market due to their convenient operation process and high cost performance.

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