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  • Epoxy Anhydride Curing AgentEpoxy Anhydride Curing Agent2019/06/05Epoxy anhydride curing agent is a kind of curing agent that must be cured at medium and high temperatures to achieve the required properties. It is characterized by long operation time, low viscosity...
  • Curing Mechanism of Epoxy ResinCuring Mechanism of Epoxy Resin2019/06/05The principle of epoxy resin hardening reaction is not perfect at present. According to the different hardeners used, it is generally believed that epoxy resin can be thermosetting products through fo...
  • Cured Epoxy Melting PointCured Epoxy Melting Point2019/06/05Epoxy resin is not pure, such as bisphenol A epoxy resin is composed of homologous compounds with different degree of polymerization, so it has no clear melting point, only a melting temperature range...
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