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Briefly Explain the Application Relationship between Epoxy Resin and Curing Agent

Epoxy resin is a kind of thermosetting polymer synthetic material with good bonding, corrosion resistance, insulation and high strength. It has been widely used in the bonding of a variety of metal and non-metallic materials, corrosion-resistant coatings, electrical insulation materials, FRP/composite materials. It plays an important role in electronics, electrical, mechanical manufacturing, chemical anti-corrosion, aerospace, ship transportation, chemical building materials, water conservancy and electric power, and many other industrial fields, and has become an indispensable basic material in various industrial fields.

The epoxy resin itself is a thermoplastic linear structure, and the solid resin can be softened and melted after being heated to become a viscous state or a liquid state; the liquid resin is reduced in heat viscosity. The epoxy resin can only be used after the addition of the curing agent. A complete concept of epoxy resin composition should consist of four components (resin component, modified component, conditioning fluid component, other components). However, in practical applications, it is not necessary to have all four components, but the curing agent in the resin component is indispensable, and it is important to see the curing agent.

Epoxy resin can be widely used because of the combination of these components, especially the curing agent. Once the epoxy resin is determined, the curing agent is the process of the epoxy resin composition and the final product of the cured product (product). Performance plays a decisive role. There are many kinds of epoxy resins, more types of curing agents, and many additives such as modifiers. Therefore, the combination of epoxy resin formulas is various and endless. The best formulation can be designed to meet a variety of different performance and process performance requirements, but each of the best formulations has a range of conditions and conditions, not under any process conditions and any conditions of use. It should be used underneath. That is to say, there is no universal optimum formula, and different optimal formulas must be designed according to different conditions. Since the curing principles of different epoxy resin curing systems are not identical, the curing history, that is, the curing process conditions have a great influence on the structure and properties of the epoxy cured product. Therefore, the correct material formulation design and process design are the key to epoxy resin application technology.
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