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Introduction of Anhydride Curing Agent

Epoxy resin belongs to thermoplastic linear resin, which can not be directly applied. It must be added with curing agent components to form three-dimensional network structure and reflect its unique properties. In curing agent products, anhydride curing agent occupies an important position. It is one of the most widely used varieties because of its large market usage.


Epoxy resin, anhydride curing agent and other additives (such as accelerators, toughening agents, fillers, coupling agents, pigments, etc.) are heated to form different thermosetting adducts through various processing processes. The anhydride curing agent is characterized by small shrinkage, no by-product, good heat resistance, good sealing, good insulation and high selectivity of various additives. It can be used in electronic encapsulation, electrical casting, encapsulation, pultrusion, winding, laminated insulation materials and composite materials, powder coatings and other fields.


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