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Construction Progress of Nanyang Wanshixing Chemical

Since the end of 2013, Nanyang Wanshixing Chemical Project Construction has conscientiously implemented the project construction target responsibility system, strengthened project management, grab speed, grasp quality and ensure safety in accordance with the opinions and requirements of Nanyang Group. As of the end of June this year, the company's first-phase production of 15,000 tons of methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride (MTHPA, MeTHPA) products, plant, workshop building structure, storage tanks, process pipelines, equipment and facilities, safety facilities, auxiliary facilities have been completed and installed, environmental protection facilities Installation and commissioning are also being actively carried out.

In the next stage, we follow the safe, secure, comprehensive and solid test guidance concept, and carry out three-level education, training of production process equipment, DCS system operation training for new employees, and arrange for employees to go to the old factory for on-site learning training. .

In terms of process equipment, from the coordination of the production line between the devices, including the upstream and downstream, the main production equipment and the public works device to verify the process feasibility, equipment reliability, safety facilities effectiveness, these four aspects to ensure It can be tested safely, economically and environmentally.

Ensure that during the test run:
1.“Nobody injury”, “No accident occurred” and “No environmental pollution”;
2.Successfully commissioned and successfully produced qualified products;
3. Efforts to reduce the cost of test, the test cost is controlled Within the budget, it is effective to put in the test.

Construction Progress of Nanyang Wanshixing Chemical

Construction Progress of Nanyang Wanshixing Chemical
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