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Advance to the application of epoxy resin

This year is the 60th birthday of China's epoxy resin industry. In the past 60 years, China's epoxy resin industry has grown from scratch to small, and has become the world's largest producer, producer and consumer market, creating a miracle in the history of the world's epoxy resin industry. Standing at a new starting point, China's epoxy resin industry is innovating and changing, and it is advancing toward the goal of strong epoxy resin application. Jiaxing Nanyang Plastic Chemical Co., ltd. became one of the leading company among epoxy resin and hardener manufacturers.

Hard work in the first 20 years
After 40 years of rapid growth
Since the industrial production in 1958, the output of epoxy resin in China has increased year by year. After the reform and opening up, there were two landmark projects. First, in 1985, the epoxy resin plant of Sinopec Yueyang Petrochemical Plant introduced the production technology of 3,000 tons of high-purity epoxy resin equipment from Japan. It was completed and put into production in 1988. This is China. The first set of advanced epoxy resin production equipment was introduced.

Secondly, in 1990, Wuxi Resin Factory of Jiangsu Province introduced an annual output of 3,000 tons of electronic grade epoxy resin equipment from Germany and put it into production, which promoted the leap-forward development of China's epoxy resin industry.

In the 40 years of reform and opening up, China's epoxy resin industry has continuously learned from foreign advanced application experience through “going out” and “bringing in”; introducing foreign-funded enterprises and finding partners in all directions; Importing foreign high-quality products to meet demand, etc., narrowing the gap with foreign countries.

On the one hand, domestic companies introduce advanced production technologies. In 1985, Sinopec Yueyang Petrochemical Plant and Japan Dongdu Huacheng signed a contract to introduce an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons of epoxy resin production technology. It was completed and put into production in March 1988. In December 1985, Wuxi Resin Factory and West Germany RHE Handel Engineering Company signed a contract. Introduced an annual production capacity of more than 3,000 tons of epoxy resin production technology, officially commissioned in November 1990; on December 23, 1988, Wuxi Resin Factory and the Polish Braunbrucia Chemical Plant "introduced tons / year ion method The project of Bisphenol A production technology and key equipment was signed; in September 1999, Guangzhou Hongchang Electronic Materials Industry Co., Ltd. and Japan Dongdu Huacheng signed a contract to introduce 37,000 tons of liquid and 23,000 tons of solid epoxy resin technology; June 2001, Dalian Qihua introduced 17,000 tons of liquid, 5,000 tons of solids, 5,000 tons of special epoxy, and a total output of 20,000 tons of technology to Japan's Dongdu Chemical.

On the other hand, the epoxy resin production technology was introduced through a joint venture. On May 27, 1997, Wuxi Petrochemical Complex (Wuxi Resin Factory), Dainippon Ink Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Business Co., Ltd. signed a contract to establish Wuxi Di Aisheng Epoxy Co., Ltd.; November 2008, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group and South Korea's Kumho P&B Chemical Investment Group established Yangzhou Yangong Kumhu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Today, the production capacity of China's epoxy resin is mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Anhui Huangshan, Shandong, Guangdong and other provinces and cities. Among them, large-scale installations in Jiangsu are concentrated, and the production capacity accounts for about 52% of the country. The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are the most concentrated areas for domestic epoxy resin demand. In 2017, China's epoxy resin production capacity reached 2.3 million tons, with a production capacity of 1.3 million tons and a consumption of about 1.5 million tons.

Industry achievements are obvious to all
Become the largest consumer of production
Pang Xiaolin, chairman of the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, said that the past 60 years have been the 60 years of continuous improvement in China's epoxy resin production technology. Affected by many factors, China's epoxy resin R&D and production technology level is low in the first two or three decades. The curing agent has few varieties, poor quality and poor performance, which cannot meet the requirements of epoxy resin application. In order to produce new epoxy resin and curing agent and other supporting materials that meet the urgent needs of scientific and technological development, China's epoxy resin application technology research personnel and related production enterprises, down-to-earth, starting from scratch, to promote China's epoxy resin production technology as their responsibility, Department, cross-system coordination and joint efforts, widely used in the fields of electronic and electrical, composite materials, coatings, adhesives, etc., in aerospace, marine deep diving, communications, magnetic levitation, high-speed railway, nuclear power generation, wind power, National key projects such as ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation have also made major breakthroughs, and localized one by one.

It is worth mentioning that in the process of China's epoxy resin industry continues to grow and develop, the rational use of trade protection measures has promoted the healthy development of the industry. Since China joined the WTO in 2001, the upstream and downstream of the epoxy resin industry have fully applied trade protection measures, and have conducted anti-dumping investigations on the entire industrial chain of phenol, acetone, bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin, and these products have all been completed. The review was carried out, and some cases were filed twice, effectively protecting the healthy development of the domestic industry, and greatly improving the dependence of domestic industries on imported products. At present, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of epichlorohydrin, bisphenol A and anhydride curing agents for epoxy resins.

In the past 60 years, the exchange of epoxy resin industry in China has become increasingly active and the interaction has been strengthened for 60 years. In 1985, the National Epoxy Resin Industry Collaboration Group was established (later renamed China Epoxy Resin Industry Association), adhering to the government service, serving members, serving the enterprise, serving the industry, actively promoting industry technology innovation, information sharing, Standardization and international exchange. Subsequently, the national epoxy resin industry seminar, production development exchange meeting, product exhibition, product quality review meeting, domestic and foreign production technology seminars, product standard revision meeting also blossomed, and developed and introduced bisphenol A, epoxy A series of national standards for products such as chloropropane and bisphenol A epoxy resin provide soft support for the development of the industry.

Product structure does not need to be adjusted
Localization alternative road is long
Pang Xiaolin stressed that China's epoxy resin industry is facing many problems while achieving its achievements.

One is big but not strong. In the past, China's epoxy resin industry's production capacity has grown rapidly on a large scale. The development of the entire industry has focused on scale and quantity. In the process of improving quality, applying new development and upgrading, and upgrading varieties, the quality and quantity development are not balanced. Although China's epoxy resin production capacity, production and consumption rank first in the world, there is still a certain gap with developed countries in terms of quality, variety, performance and application.

Second, there is a shortage of basic general-purpose products and high-end application products. Excessive capacity expansion has intensified competition for product homogenization, and the average operating rate of the device is low, resulting in waste of resources. At the same time, a large number of high value-added, high-tech special epoxy resins, such as high-purity, radiation-resistant, flame-retardant, water-based, multi-functional groups, etc. still need to be imported in large quantities. In 2016, the domestic import of epoxy resin was 240,000 tons, the export volume was only 70,000 tons, the net import volume was 170,000 tons, the apparent consumption was 1.3 million tons, and the import dependence was over 10%, which seriously hindered China's epoxy resin industry and its application technology and the healthy development of the market industry.

Third, environmental protection and safety investment have been continuously improved, and trade friction has brought uncertainty to the industry. In recent years, the country's environmental protection and safety requirements for production enterprises have been greatly improved, domestic factories have increased production, and the overall operating rate is low. The investment costs of epoxy resin companies in compliance have been rising. In addition, since the United States is an important import source of high-end epoxy resin products in China, the trade friction between the two countries has brought certain uncertainty to the domestic epoxy resin industry.

Grab historic opportunities
Achieve leapfrog development
Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that China's epoxy resin industry has broad application prospects.

First of all, China's national economy is still developing rapidly and the people's livelihood projects are still vigorously advancing. High-speed rail, large aircraft, wind power, highways, nuclear power, and automobiles are all developing rapidly. In the field of personal consumption, LED, home appliances, decorative lights terminal market, domestic consumption levels are also constantly improving. This will definitely further stimulate the market demand for epoxy resin.

Second, the state's support for the development of new materials industries has continued to increase. Last year, the National Development and Reform Commission's General Office issued the “Three-Year Action Plan for Enhancing the Core Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry (2018-2020)”, and formulated key technology industrialization implementation plans including nine key areas including new materials. This has placed new demands on the epoxy resin industry, creating strong policy support and huge market space for the epoxy resin industry.

Finally, the production technology and supply capacity of raw materials such as phenol, acetone, bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin in China have been continuously improved; the production level, production scale, product quality and variety matching capacity of domestic epoxy resin have been improved rapidly; Great progress has also been made in device scale, single batch production, and product quality stability. These have laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of China's epoxy resin industry.

Domestic enterprises must firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the country to vigorously develop new materials. In the critical period of China's manufacturing and strong country construction, the new materials industry is in the stage of implementing the innovation-driven strategy and promoting the sustained and rapid development of strategic opportunities. Enterprises in the industry should make full use of the support policies provided by the state to help their own development and make great progress.

Second, we must strengthen industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading. The shortage of basic products and the shortage of special products are the problems facing the Chinese epoxy resin industry. Production enterprises should abandon the quick and quick thinking, focus on customer needs, increase innovation, develop high-performance, high value-added products, reduce dependence on imported products, actively promote international operations, and increase the market share and voice in the international market.

Third, we must pay attention to service support. In addition to providing excellent performance and easy-to-use products, epoxy resin production enterprises should pay more attention to highlighting product value creation, provide customized services to customers, strengthen strategic cooperation with upstream and downstream, and improve fast and efficient supply chain. Business platform and other convenient transaction and customer best experience.

Fourth, we must adhere to the principle of relying on me and actively learn from foreign advanced experience. In the promotion of epoxy resin technology research and development, product upgrading, we must adhere to independent research and development, "introduction" and "going out" combined. Through the introduction, we will actively learn from foreign advanced production technology and management experience, promote integration with the international market, promote epoxy resin products to go out better, and realize the leap-forward development of China's epoxy resin industry.
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